NeuralPDE.jl: Automatic Physics-Informed Neural Networks (PINNs)

NeuralPDE.jl NeuralPDE.jl is a solver package which consists of neural network solvers for partial differential equations using physics-informed neural networks (PINNs).


  • Physics-Informed Neural Networks for ODE, SDE, RODE, and PDE solving
  • Ability to define extra loss functions to mix xDE solving with data fitting (scientific machine learning)
  • Automated construction of Physics-Informed loss functions from a high level symbolic interface
  • Sophisticated techniques like quadrature training strategies, adaptive loss functions, and neural adapters to accelerate training
  • Integrated logging suite for handling connections to TensorBoard
  • Handling of (partial) integro-differential equations and various stochastic equations
  • Specialized forms for solving ODEProblems with neural networks
  • Compatability with Flux.jl and Lux.jl for all of the GPU-powered machine learning layers available from those libraries.
  • Compatability with NeuralOperators.jl for mixing DeepONets and other neural operators (Fourier Neural Operators, Graph Neural Operators, etc.) with physics-informed loss functions


Assuming that you already have Julia correctly installed, it suffices to import NeuralPDE.jl in the standard way:

import Pkg



If you use NeuralPDE.jl in your research, please cite this paper:

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